A Perfect Platform to connect with Your Potential Customers On Site During IFAT Eurasia 2021
The digital version of the International Environmental Technology Exhibition is provided for both exhibitors and visitors during IFAT Eurasia 2021 to increase online marketing opportunities

We understand that it’s preferable to meet potential customers or partners face-to-face, but this new alternative will mean that your existing connections are assured, while also enabling you to create new ones. This platform will enable you to present your brand, products and solutions, as well as to connect and communicate with visitors.
An Exhibition Booth at the Venue
An IFAT Digital Pavilion will be prepared with small individual presentation areas and a common welcome area, which will be hosted by English–Turkish speaking staff. All participants in the Digital Pavilion will have the same rights as IFAT Eurasia Exhibitors. You will also have the right to be included in the digital version of IFAT Eurasia.

*Image is used as an example. The final booth may be different.
Catch Up With Environmental Technologies As a Hybrid Exhibitor
IFAT Eurasia 2021 gives you the best of two worlds. You are an exhibitor at the event venue in Istanbul as well as on the digital platform, which is accessible globally by both onsite and digital visitors. Network with others, hold B2B meetings, and promote your products through your exhibition booth, both at the venue and on the digital event platform. Create a profile on the digital platform to get early access opportunities and start achieving your event goals right away.
Reach both onsite and digital visitors
IFAT Eurasia has been designed to connect digital and hybrid exhibitors and visitors in the most effective way. Digital visitors and companies have 24/7 access to each other's brand profiles, while onsite visitors have the same access as well as being able to visit your booth at the venue. Go hybrid and don’t miss out on the chance to grow your audience.
Stream on the event platform and at your physical booth
To increase your brand presence, we offer a streaming service via our digital event platform and through your onsite booth. Secure a spot in our program with your company's presentations, promotional videos and keynotes among others. If you don't have content prepared, our partners can also provide you with digital production services.
Get your content published
Publishing promotional content on a large scale increases brand visibility. Every hybrid exhibitor gets a space to distribute physical promotional materials at the event venue. For digital exhibitors, we also publish your content through our social media.

Do you need help producing this content? Our cutting-edge industry partners are here to assist you.
Virtual Booth & Product Pages
Virtual Booth is accessible through the digital event platform. Computers will be installed at the onsite exhibition booth for visitors to use this feature to connect with international exhibitors. The digital IFAT company profile offers exhibitors product pages where you can promote products and services using videos, pictures, and text. Each product can have its own page with a shareable web page link. Post it on social media or use it in your digital marketing campaigns.

€1850 + VAT
  • Access to the IFAT Digital Event Platform
  • Company Profile
  • Product Pages
  • B2B Meetings
  • An Exhibition Booth at the Venue
  • Includes Desk to Present Company Brochures
  • Company Poster in the Pavillion
  • Lisiting in Exhibitor List
  • 3 minutes video presentation from time to time in the Pavilion
€3500 + VAT
  • Access to the IFAT Digital Event Platform
  • Company Profile
  • Product Pages
  • B2B Meetings
  • An Exhibition Booth at the Venue
  • Includes a large screen and one computer for easy digital platform access.
  • A Host at Your Booth
  • Virtual Booth (Allows direct connection between the company representatives and the on site visitors)
  • One-to-One Consultancy for the Digital Exhibition Strategy
  • A Spot in the E-Newsletter
  • Promotional Article on the IFAT Eurasia Digital Website
  • Your Own Screen Time (Up to 60 minutes video presentation, webinar, workshop)
  • Social Media Video Interview