IFAT Eurasia Digital Platform At A Glance
The company profile is the basis of your brand presence at Digital IFAT Eurasia Platform and a key component of every exhibitor package. Here, you have the opportunity to present your products, topics, and values in a comprehensive way, as well as the ability to arrange B2B meetings with your prospects. Below you can find more information about how to create your profile.
How does the registration process work for visitors and participating firms?
The Digital IFAT Eurasia Platform is available to all exhibitors. Visitors who want to participate in B2B meetings can book their places directly via credit card. When the payment process is complete, an email will be sent to your address containing the event registration link through which you can create your profile. You can log in with your social media account or create your profile using your email address. In both cases, you will be asked to enter additional information about your company. Name, surname, job position in the organization, profile photo, organization logo, organization description, and area of activity must be entered at the registration stage.
How to fill out your profile?
When you log into the digital platform, in the menu on the left, under "My Opportunities", you can find what your company is exhibiting (products, services, areas of expertise) on IFAT Eurasia and what it is looking for (project partnerships, investments, or something else).

Please start adding by clicking the "Add an Opportunity" button on the top right. Choose what you are looking for e.g., distributor, potential customers. Then, pick the market keywords that describe your product, and add appropriate images, videos, and documents to promote your product better.

How do I view other exhibitors and visitors?
All exhibitors and visitors are listed in the "Exhibitors" and "Visitors" sections accessed via the top menu. In the "Areas of Activity" box on the left panel, IFAT Eurasia attendees are classified according to their business areas. Please click on the name of the company to go to their profile.
The "Marketplace" section accessed via the top menu shows all the products exhibited by participants at Digital IFAT Eurasia.
How do I plan my event agenda?
The "Agenda" page in the top menu consists of two sections, "Event Agenda" and "My Agenda". There are 3 types of events at Digital IFAT Eurasia, namely "Company Presentations", "Online Conference", and "B2B Meetings". They are all listed in the "Event Agenda" section. Please add the events you want to attend to your agenda. You can then find the events you are going to attend in the "My Agenda" section, with your useful event calendar. The B2B meetings you scheduled are also added to the "My Agenda" section after both parties agree to meet.
How do I get back to my profile?
You can go to your profile by clicking on your profile photo at the top right (if you did not upload a photo during registration, it will appear as a gray box).
How do I conduct bilateral meetings?
On the left menu on the profile page, you can select available time intervals for bilateral meetings from the "My Availability" section. Participants and visitors request meetings from you based on the times you marked. Meeting requests can be found in the "Meetings" section above. If you want to request a meeting, go to the company’s profile, scroll down and set up a meeting with a representative. To meet with a visitor, click on the "Set Up Meeting" button next to the names on the “Visitors” page. You can see if they accept your request on the "Meetings" page. If they accept, when the meeting time comes, the meeting starts on the same page without needing any other application.
How do I send my contact information to participants I'm interested in?
To send your contact information to an exhibitor you are interested in, go to the company page from the "Exhibitors" section, and click on the "Contact Exhibitor". Your email address, phone number, and company profile will be in their “Leads” box. If you have something you would like to add, type it in the box below before sending it.
How do I see contact information coming from my potential customers?
All contact information sent to your organization can be found in the "Potential customers" section of the menu in your profile. This is similar to when people drop their business cards at the booths in fairs. Note that only the first person from your company to register for Digital IFAT Eurasia can see this information.
How can I message exhibitors and visitors?
From the participating companies' profiles and the “Visitors” section, one can send messages to company representatives and visitors. Messages you receive can be found in the "Messages" section in the top menu.
What is a Virtual Booth?
On Digital IFAT Eurasia, similar to a desk on a fair venue, you get a Virtual Booth. It is a livestream hosted by a representative of your company. The time and date of the booth are displayed on your company profile. When the time comes, the "Join Virtual Booth" button becomes active, and others join your booth to ask you questions about your work. Similarly, you can join other companies' virtual booths as well. You may ask, "How do I set up a virtual booth?" Just contact the Digital IFAT Eurasia team to set one up. Choose day(s) and time slots between October 21 and 23 for your booth and email us.