An Easy Way to Reach Industry Professionals

Our digital event platform is designed to showcase company profiles, generate marketing opportunities and build networks with the easy to set up B2B meeting scheduler. Get early access to the platform and discover the services offered to digital exhibitors.

Standard Services
The following services are offered to all exhibitors free of charge
Company Profile on the Digital Event Platform
Exhibitors can create their profile on the digital event platform where they can also promote their products & services by including videos, pictures, text and links.
Introductory Webinar
Attend the 1-hour webinar to learn how Digital IFAT Eurasia operates, as well as get tips and valuable business strategies on how to optimize your branding.
Email Customer Service
As a standard customer service, we provide technical customer service to all exhibitors by email. (see Digital Exhibitor Packages for extended services)
Premium Services
The following services are included in our premium digital packages
One-on-One Consultancy
To fully optimize your digital strategy, we offer a 45-minute consultation. Our experts will help you to create your branding sections and answer your questions related to the digital IFAT Eurasia.
Telephone Customer Service
In addition to emailing, we offer customer service by phone to the digital exhibitors. (standard office hours)
A Spot in our Newsletter
IFAT Eurasia distributes a newsletter to its participants at least once a month by email. It is a powerful tool with an extensive reach. Here, we offer promotional spots to showcase your products & services. We will take care of the copywriting for you.
Your Own Screen Time
Included in one of our Digital Exhibitor Packages, you can stream your keynote and promotional videos up to 60 minutes to be broadcasted during IFAT Eurasia on the digital event platform.
Video Interview
Videos are a powerful promotion tool that draw a lot of attention. They often find their way to the target audience with strategic planning. Get ahead of the game, do a pre-event video interview and get highlighted on our social media platforms.
Get Published
Get your promotional article published on the IFAT Digital Event website and gain more visibility.
With its comprehensive database, diverse search clusters and the practical watch list function, our industry overview serves as an ideal information and contact tool for the entire environmental industry.

You can search for companies, brands, product groups, industry/sector solutions, service and product descriptions, press information, jobs, solutions and goals for sustainable development

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